active community initiatives in place within the first year


raised to date in support of leading mental health charities


graduate workforce on Government projects

What is Balmain & Community

Production, people and participation



Balmain & Community is an initiative that aims to create a long-term positive impact on the communities that we are building in. We believe true value is achieved by not just providing a product but by collaborating with the local communities and allowing them to be a part of the process. Through Balmain & Community we aim to help educate, provide support, raise awareness, and ultimately make a difference.




Production is our commitment to environment and quality through innovative construction methods.

We recruit and retain a high calibre of People, supporting both our direct employees and the wider workforce.

Encouraging Participation, by engaging local communities on all projects.


People are at the heart of our strategy. We aim to provide a diverse, inclusive, and safe working environment for our team. In addition, we are committed to encouraging young, talented people into the industry through work experience, apprenticeship and graduate programs, and attending industry events at all levels from grassroots through to universities.

Each project we work on requires an individualised community plan. This outlines our site-specific targets based on community engagement and local employment opportunities. We also aim to provide transparency to the stakeholders and an opportunity for both themselves and us and a business to learn from one another throughout the project’s lifecycle.


Balmain & Co are dedicated to maintaining our Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety accreditations however we want to go beyond this during the delivery of each project by understanding the long- term goals of the local community. This includes providing support to our sub-contractors so they can achieve the same high standards of practice.

Our Commitment

Initiatives driving change for a brighter future

We are committed to creating long-term positive impacts on the local communities through mental health support, advocating for workplace equality, sustainability and environmental responsibility, volunteering and providing career opportunities for students and graduates.

Not just for our team, but for the wider community by participating in events and fundraisers for charities such as RUOK? Day and Beyond Blue.

Our team support the Victorian Equal Opportunities and Human Rights Commission and have made reasonable adjustments and opportunities for people with disabilities.

Balmain & Co are committed to seeking a better understanding of our environmental impact and endeavor to implement modern methods of construction (MMC) to all our projects.

Above our own internal social inclusion policy, we aim to partner with First Nations suppliers and traders through non for profit organisations such as Supply Nation.




Balmain & Co are passionate about encouraging women into the construction industry through our relationships with girls’ schools and providing mentoring to young women.

We believe learning never ends. That is why we encourage all our staff to further their education through additional courses and vocational training.

Balmain & Co provide several opportunities to get young people involved in the workforce through work experience, graduate programs, and apprenticeships.

Supporting our local communities through volunteer work not only provides us with an opportunity to give back but it allows us to connect with local groups on a fundamental level.

Social Procurement Initiatives

Encouraging opportunity for diversity & inclusion

Within Balmain & Co’s social procurement framework we are committed to setting project specific targets to increase opportunity for employment, support, and encourage diversity and inclusion across our sites and within the company.

Some of these initiatives include commitments towards creating opportunity for employment for Victorian’s of Aboriginal heritage and Victorian’s with a disability, advocating for women’s equality and safety, supporting provision of safe and fair working environments, environmentally sustainable business practices and providing opportunity for entry into the construction industry through graduate and apprenticeship programs.

Balmain & Co partners with several reputable organisations to support our social procurement initiatives. We recognize and support companies with a robust governance framework and a strategy that supports strong foundations for social procurement success. This is focused on:

- Governance and accountability
- High standard of transparency and integrity
- Procurement as an end-to-end activity
- Early and thorough market analysis
- Interactive market engagement
- Proactive management of procurement risk
- Performance management and continued improvements

The Green Edition

Working towards a greener future

At Balmain & Co we take sustainabiliy seriously and endevour to maintain and enforce a more sustainable business practice. Our accredited environmental management system provides a framework for measurable sustainability inititatives across our job sites and head office. Some of our initiatives include:

Reduce Meeting Costs
Staff are encouraged to make a phone call rather than hold a meeting, send an email rather than a letter or conduct a virtual meeting to save travel costs and emissions.

Minimise Print Materials
At head office we are working towards a NO PRINT POLICY (unless absolutely necessary). We utilise our online filing system, advertise via our constantly updating website and other social media platforms, and distribute marketing materials digitally as much as possible.

Reduce Waste
Staff are encouraged to take a reduced waste option when it comes to food and drink throughout the day. From reusable coffee cups, to drink bottles and reusable lunch container we strive to reduce the amount of food related packaging waste.




Reduce It
Did you know that lowering the air conditioner just one degree reduces energy costs by 10%! Our head office has been designed to keep cool in summer and warm in winter, we have plenty of natural light and an abundance of indoor plants throughout.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMS) Targets
As part of our Balmain & Community Initiative, each project has project specific targets for MMC.

Recycle It
If it can’t be reused, recycle it. We have designated recycle programs for ink and toner cartridges, paper and card board waste, office supply recyclables and more.

Switch it Off
Simple but important. Lights, computers, printers and appliances are all switched off when not in use.