Wellness at Work

Balmain & Co offers a strong company culture focused on teamwork, mental health and wellbeing. Our wellness program provides staff with access to a number of resources and initiatives to assist with supporting healthy minds, bodies and lifestyles.

At Balmain & Co we value our staff, and our projects and clients benefit from the flexibility and efficiency that our teams provide as a result. Employees are supported by a transparent, mentor-like management style with open communication lines and an environment where growth is encouraged. We pride ourselves on the fact that our teams are motivated to succeed, and through regular performance reviews we set goals, provide on-going training and opportunity for career growth enabling employees to reach their goals.

We are actively raising awareness for mental health, encouraging conversations about mental health in the workplace, reducing workplace stigma and supporting staff who may be struggling with symptoms. We have implemented various strategies to support our staff and raise awareness within Balmain and Co and in the wider community. Some of our initiatives include mental health talks, fundraising campaigns, and access to meditation and mindfulness apps.

Great workplace culture has made a key contribution to the organic success of Balmain & Co and is a direct result of increased productivity, staff morale and efficiency – just to name a few. We focus on creating a happy and healthy workplace for all employees by encouraging conscious commuting to and from work, providing access to fitness classes, team fitness challenges, competitions and fundraisers, regular staff newsletters and updates, a busy social calendar and encouraging healthy snacking through fresh, seasonal produce deliveries to offices.

Date May, 2021