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At Balmain & Co we continue to invest in our people, systems, and training, offering a dynamic workplace environment and culture. As a result, our flexible, specialist teams have the capacity to take on multiple complex projects. Each member of the team has been handpicked by the company’s senior management for sharing their commitment to delivering absolute quality on every project. The diverse backgrounds and skill sets allows Balmain & Co to offer a comprehensive range of specialist services in-house.


danny-hayter - image

Danny Hayter

ken-o-connor - image

Ken O'Connor

michael-o-connell - image

Mick O'Connell

Construction Manager
ricky-smith - image

Ricky Smith

Construction Manager
diarmid-hayter - image

Diarmid Hayter

Construction Manager (Civil)
jessica-jones - image

Jessica Jones

Head of Strategy & Business Development
simon-ireland - image

Simon Ireland

HSEQ Manager
mark-scoble - image

Mark Scoble

HSEQ Coordinator
clare-ireland - image

Clare Ireland

Financial Controller & Human Resources
christine-florendo - image

Christine Florendo

Accounts Assistant
leah-massari - image

Leah Massari

Marketing & Administration Coordinator
david-robin - image

David Robin

Estimating Manager
rene-ylagan - image

Rene Ylagan

stuart-schneider - image

Stuart Schneider

Division Manager (Queensland)
gabriel-blake - image

Gabriel Blake

Project Manager
adam-karim - image

Adam Karim

Project Manager
simon-harris - image

Simon Harris

Project Manager
steve-glen - image

Steve Glen

Project Manager (Queensland)
angus-milham - image

Angus Milham

Project Manager
chris-nucifora - image

Chris Nucifora

Project Manager
alexander-dimitriou - image

Alexander Dimitriou

Project Manager
eric-lambers - image

Eric Lambers

Project Design Manager
joshua-howarth - image

Joshua Howarth

Project Manager (Civil)
elliot-naylor - image

Elliot Naylor

Project Manager
chris-sheerin - image

Chris Sheerin

Project Manager
jaxson-lane - image

Jaxson Lane

Contract Administrator
richard-langham - image

Richard Langham

Contract Administrator
matthew-hart - image

Matthew Hart

Contract Administrator
matthew-morarty - image

Matthew Morarty

Contract Administrator
jake-battye - image

Jake Battye

Contract Administrator
james-taberner - image

James Taberner

Contract Administrator
callum-robinson - image

Callum Robinson

Site Manager
matthew-bell - image

Matthew Bell

Site Manager
aaron-haines - image

Aaron Haines

Site Manager
nick-cleland - image

Nick Cleland

Site Manager
lachlan-graf - image

Lachlan Graf

Site Manager
matt-perry - image

Matt Perry

Site Manager
luke-tysoe - image

Luke Tysoe

Site Manager
jason-williams - image

Jason Williams

Site Manager
ben-thompson - image

Ben Thompson

Basement/ Structure Manager
sam-gilbert - image

Sam Gilbert

Finishes Foreman
alex-fry - image

Alex Fry

tom-robinson - image

Tom Robinson

dildar-singh - image

Dildar Singh

oscar-reid - image

Oscar Reid

Project Engineer
jake-dawe - image

Jake Dawe


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