Philip Street

Project description

The scope of works for the project at 1 Philip Street encompasses the construction of a new, state-of-the-art Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) building in Bowen, Queensland. The project includes four highly specified SDA units tailored to NDIS participants requiring high physical support. The building incorporates essential facilities such as overnight carers' accommodation and a multipurpose room. Key features include vertical transport via a lift, a magnesium therapy pool with an overhead hoist, external landscaping, and a fully automated building system.

Balmain & Co's Queensland construction team were engaged by Leben Homes, a leading supplier of SDA in Australia. Leben Homes is a repeat client for Balmain & Co Queensland having successfully completed a total of three SDA projects together to date. The Philip Street SDA building is fully automated and voice activated, which means all doors, lights, AC and services, fans, kitchens etc are controlled by the occupants voice or other automation controls like touch pads or google home depending on their ability. In addition, all entry doors have UHF card readers for security and remote access for residents in a wheelchair or other mobility constraints. Lifts can also be called via voice or UHF card readers providing convenient vertical mobility options for all residents.

Through Balmain & Co's experience, certified management systems, detailed approach to methodology and commitment to quality craftsmanship the team were able to successfully deliver a product that is fit for purpose, an inclusive and supportive living environment for individuals with disabilities, and exceeds expectations. 

Completed November 2023
Location 1 Philip Street,
Bowen QLD
Team Architect:
Mark Ciaverella Design
Structural/ Civil Engineering: Summit Engineering
Services Engineer: NJM
Building Surveyor:
Rocky Building Approvals
Client: Leben Homes
Cost $3,500,000
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