Inspiring Inclusion

For the month of March our focus has been on ‘Inspiring Inclusion’ as part of our commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered. 

In the first week of the month we celebrated International Women’s Day, and whilst we did celebrate all of the incredible women in construction, it was also a reminder that although there has been great progress made, there is still a long way to go. 

We then shifted our focus to inclusion enforcing the message that everyone belongs, acknowledging and celebrating the diverse tapestry of talents, backgrounds, and perspectives that collectively enrich our team here at Balmain & Co . During Harmony Week we held an international food day, and it was a great opportunity to share in each other's culture, embrace diversity and connect. We are particularly proud of the Sunshine team who embraced their collective multiculturalism, ensuring they could all participate whilst respecting cultural tradition during Ramadan. The team gathered in the early morning before the sun rose for a morning meal traditionally referred to as Suhoor. They then joined team mate Shehriyar Cuttlerywala in fasting for the day as they learned about and shared in his cultural tradition. 

We extend our gratitude to Shehriyar for sharing his culture and tradition with the team, and to the Sunshine team members for participating respectfully and supporting their team mate.

In the final week of March gender equity in the workplace was the focus which concluded with Respect@Work training for the entire team. The purpose of working towards gender equality in the workplace is not just about balancing the numbers, it’s about achieving equal opportunities and outcomes for both men and women. 

Although March is almost at a close, it doesn’t end here. By championing inclusion and diversity, we are driven to continue to inspire a culture that celebrates differences, embraces unique perspectives, and promotes equity, not only within Balmain & Co but for the benefit of the future of the construction industry.

Date March, 2024