Meet Our Team - Jess Jones

Jess has been with Balmain & Co for almost 7 years in total and during that time has been involved in the activation of many initiatives that have positively supported the culture within Balmain & Co along with having a positive impact on the community. 

We asked Jess why she chose a career in construction and she outlined that her decision was inspired by her parents who both had successful careers in the built environment. Jess initially studied engineering but early on in her career realized that she wanted to be out and about, meeting people, working alongside various project stakeholders, clients etc and see the project through from start to finish.

It’s no surprise that Jess’ favorite thing about her job at Balmain & Co is meeting people. When we asked her, her response was "I love getting out and hearing people's stories, what they think of the market conditions and how they chose to run and operate their businesses. You can learn so much from listening to other people's journeys and ideas".

Outside of work, Jess is actively involved in women’s sport and is the captain of North Melbourne’s VFLW side. Jess is not only great on the field but supports and encourages her teammates to be the best version of themselves.⁠ On the rare occasion Jess isn’t playing footy, she loves traveling, going to the gym, enjoying a nice red wine with friends and family or just reading a good book. 

Date May, 2024