Meet Our Team - David Robin

David has been with Balmain & Co for almost 9 years and throughout this time has held various roles and worked on many of Balmain & Co's key projects. 

In his current role, David puts his wealth of knowledge and delivery experience into the estimating function at Balmain & Co, managing and mentoring the estimating team, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of tender submissions and contributing to Balmain & Co's pipeline of works. 

Some of the things David loves about his job include working with amazing people, delivering great projects and seeing his colleagues grow and develop through mentorship to continue the legacy of Balmain & Co.

We asked David what the most valuable career advice he had received so far was and he replied with “there’s no substitute for hard work”. 

When David isn’t working, you can usually find him at the park, particularly on the weekends, spending time with his wife, Rae and his children, Ana and Judd. He also loves watching the footy with friends and hitting the pavement for a run around Williamstown.


Date February, 2024