About Balmain & Co Civil

Civil construction specialists

Balmain & Co Civil offers the market a wider range of services and deliverable scope - providing our clients with greater efficiencies from cost and program across all construction and civil construction projects. Led by Civil Construction Manager, Diarmid Hayter, Balmain & Co Civil is currently delivering a variety of contracts within the Local Government sector, as well as Infrastructure, Retail and Education projects across Melbourne.



Not only does the Balmain & Co brand represent construction excellence, but our clients find confidence in the end result delivered through our company wide accredited management systems. Following the same values, Balmain & Co Civil is dedicated to delivering successful civil construction projects that not only meet our clients’ expectations but also leave a lasting impact on the community.

Meet the Team

Passionate, professional & driven

Driven by our core values, the Balmain & Co Civil team has a proven track record and a reputation for successfully delivering. Together, they are diverse and  resourceful, and backed by a collaborative and lively culture they have cemented a name for themselves.

diarmid-hayter - image

Diarmid Hayter

Construction Manager (Civil)
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Tom Lunardon

Foreman (Civil)
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Xan Flynn

Project Engineer (Civil)

Services & Scope

Civil construction

Our civil construction services have an end-to-end approach to project planning and delivery, working with clients and consultants to develop time and cost-effective solutions both in the pre and post construction phases. Some of Balmain & Co's Civil Construction Services include:

- Demolition Works and Bulk/ Detailed Excavation
- Subgrade Rectification and Remediation
- Road and Carpark Construction
- Concrete Pavements including Footpaths
- Concrete Structures, Formwork and Steel Fixing
- Retaining Walls
- Stormwater Drainage
- Detention and Retention Systems
- Streetscape Improvements
- Electrical, Hydraulic and Gas Services
- Greenfield Developments, Subdivisions
- Community Spaces and Sporting Facilities

  Balmain & Co Civil

Land Subdivision

& Infrastructure Works

Balmain & Co Civil has established a growing presence within the Subdivision sector, both on Greenfield and Industrial developments. By doing so, our clients have realised a niche opportunity where they can de-risk their projects by having one company deliver all facets of the project’s lifecycle internally. As the residential market continues to evolve with the ever-changing needs of today’s economy, our established capability on Subdivision projects, particularly medium-density developments, has provided confidence in our network of clients to move into new sectors of property development.

Our civil team is highly proficient in assisting with early phase feasibility planning for new development type projects. Drawing on Balmain & Co’s known reputation as a successful Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) builder, our clients seek our professional advice for the preliminary stages of their subdivision development plans. With a long-term vision to become the developers first choice and trusted contractor, we aim to provide a partnering approach with our clients to help them with early-stage planning requirements.

As the market continues to adapt and evolve, so does our company – Balmain & Co Civil has established a unique capability within the construction industry, and we have invested heavily in our internal resources, training, and upskilling. We employ the right team, with the right equipment and with the right attitude – we share in the success of our continued growth and look to build upon this with every project we take on.


Community Focused Projects

Sporting & Community Development

Balmain & Co Civil strongly believe in the future well-being of the generations to come. With this becoming more and more critical with the current state of the community, we want to actively play our role in providing the opportunity for everyone to have a greater quality of life.Balmain & Co Civil strongly believe in the future well-being of the generations to come. With this becoming more and more critical with the current state of the community, we want to actively play our role in providing the opportunity for everyone to have a greater quality of life.

Sporting Facilities - With Governments, schools and master planned communities leading the way with investment and opportunity, Balmain & Co Civil has the capability to deliver the vision that they seek. Stemming from over a decade of experience in complex sports, recreation and community-minded projects, our focus is to strive towards a healthier future. Working with key industry partners, we can construct all ranges of facilities that tailor to the multi-purpose requirements of an active and creative community, ranging from both natural and synthetic sports fields, multi-purpose courts and training facilities.

Community Development Projects - There has never been a more important time than now to invest in the future of our communities. Rebuilding and enriching the environments in which we inhabit is one of the most rewarding aspects of what the Balmain & Co Civil team can provide and we have proven this on numerous recent state and local Government funded projects.

Through our longstanding industry relations and partnerships with widely recognised clients, consultants, and stakeholders,  Balmain & Co can collectively deliver with peace-of-mind.

Open Space Construction

Civil & Landscape

In addition to civil construction, Balmain & Co Civil provides open space and landscaping services to fully complement an entire range of external works offerings. Land and streetscaping is often an overlooked yet critical part of the project life cycle and thus we aim to provide our clients with over a decade of knowledge and expertise, from detailed cost-planning, design, and value management, through to project planning and delivery.

Balmain & Co Civil strongly believe that a good landscape fully completes a project. Through our sustainable design and construction methods we strive to provide greener spaces for people to inhabit and enjoy for decades to come. Some of these services include soft landscaping, strategic tree and plant procurement, irrigation systems, paving and decking, sculptural installations, streetscape works, public open space and playgrounds, instant and artificial turf, and much more.